Our Mission

Reclaiming the heritage of great American craftsmanship by giving new purpose to the materials we rescue displaying the same artistry and passion originally intended.

Larry and Michael of Classic American TreasuresOur Story

Before Larry Majewski and Michael Mooney knew one another their love for America history and craftsmanship was being nurtured in their childhood.

Larry grew up in the Midwest. Around his Kansas home, he found that he loved to explore. Often, in his childhood explorations, he would come upon an abandoned building or an old barn and treasures appeared that sparked interest in his young mind. Turn of the century items would bring curiosity in the stories that he could unlock within them. He owned a painting and remodeling business before making the move to Branson, Missouri where he and Michael met.

An Old Barn In Iowa - Classic American TreasuresMichael, who goes by “Mooney”,  grew up in the “Berkshires” of Massachusetts. He comes by his intrigue naturally. If you ask him, he would tell you that his family was of “The Junking Kind”. His parents owned a second hand shop throughout his childhood His dad was proficient in coming across “finds” that he would refurbish and resell. Mooney followed in those footsteps.

Mooney moved to Missouri in 1994. He did maintenance and resort management for several years. Larry moved to the area and worked for Branson’s famous “Silver Dollar City’ where he was a furniture maker and helped hundreds of kids make wooden toys; spreading his love for woodwork and craftsmanship. Shortly after leaving that job at SDC he began working for a resort that Mooney happened to be managing. In 2005, Larry and Mooney started their own business and at the end of the year opportunities took Larry to Tulsa.

They kept in touch and worked jobs together throughout and all the while that love for craftsmanship and the stories of classic American relics continued as well. In the Fall of 2022, they decided to begin their business devoted to “Reclaiming Americana”.

The pile of wood you see here is part of an old barn in Iowa that they are currently working on. What separates these guys from the average picker, or the clean up crew is their love for the stories and artistry that goes into making these old structures and items.

Shelp From Reclaimed Wood - Classic American TreasuresClassic American Treasures exists to assist those that have something of vintage stock that you just don’t want around anymore. They will clean up that space or take those items you no longer need and recycle them and give them a new purpose. In the process they will keep the story alive for those Classic American Treasures.

When faced with the option to burn it all down or donate something to a good cause, please contact us, because we know you have stories that matter to you in those old things, and we want to help you keep that legacy alive!